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Friday, August 2, 2013

Anterless Deer Hunting in Pennsylvania

The farmer who owns the property was thrilled that we got a doe because the deer cause massive crop damage to their Farm in New Alexandria, PA.  They want the deer shot and you can help the farmer and provide deer meat for your family.  For a list of crop damage farms in Wildlife Management 2C check the Pennsylvania Game Commission website.

 Got this doe right where I grew up on Pandora Rd., Derry Township, PA with my 85 year old Grandfather Ray who still hunts.  Feel much better shooting them, then seeing them lay on the road and rot.  The deer looks wet because we washed it off with a garden hose, it got really muddy during the drag.   It was warm rainy weather for a December Doe hunt.  

 Got this archery doe up in the mountains in Bedford County.  The nice advantage of having a Willdlife Management Area 2C Anterless tag is that 2C extends clear up to part of Bedford County.  Thousands of public land is open to hunting in WMU 2C.   Personally, I think the corn fed deer taste better and the deer population is a lot better on the farms than up in the mountains.  Plus, there are more woods for them to hide in.

 Shot this button buck on the last day in PA in Westmoreland County in 2011.  Hunters in high pressured areas know you have to kick them out like rabbits and when they are hauling the mail it's sometimes impossible to see those buttons.  I had not killed a deer that season and I was very happy to fill my tag.  My German Shepherd was too, he gets all the scraps and bones.  I didn't get a lot of time to hunt in PA that season because I was teaching and hunting in West Virginia.  My hunting buddy pushed it out for me.  A two man drive can be very effective and exciting!

Tough deer.  It took 3 shots with Slick Trick Viper Tricks, to kill her.  All shots were in the heart and lungs as you can see.